Are You Financially Prepared for Life’s Unexpected Events?

Are You Financially Prepared for Life’s Unexpected Events?

For most retired homeowners 62 and older, living on a fixed income is a challenge. And, when faced with unexpected life events such as losing your spouse, needing nursing care or having medical or dental emergencies arise, most have no way to cover these unexpected expenses.

Thankfully, Silver Leaf Mortgage’s, Colorado’s #1 Reverse Mortgage Broker is here to help area Seniors find the financial resources they need to live their best life. Utilizing a reverse mortgage under the direction of Licensed Reverse Mortgage Experts such as Silver Leaf Mortgage is key to ensuring your financial future will be safe and secure.

With a Government-Insured, FDA Reverse Mortgage You Can:
Cover funeral expenses
Pay for medical or dental expenses
Cover nursing or in-home care fees
Pay off your existing mortgage if you have one*
Get tax-free money to use for whatever you choose
Have a line of credit for use in the case of an emergency
And, you will own your home, not the bank

Call Silver Leaf Mortgage today at 720-458-4034 and let us help ease your financial stress.

Matt Witt, NMLS #1638881,
President at Silver Leaf Mortgage in Centennial.
Contact me at: 720-458-4034, or you can email me at:

* The homeowner is still responsible for applicable property taxes, homeowner’s insurance and maintaining the home.

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