Care for Your Home So It Can Provide for You

Care for Your Home So It Can Provide for You

A home is like a living thing: it needs care, love, and attention to function. And when it receives these things, it gives back in so many ways: shelter, a place to make memories, store your precious belongings, and provide wealth. Like a living thing, an aging home tends to need more maintenance.

If you are on a fixed income, it is common to defer home maintenance, due to cost. And like living things, sometimes delaying that basic care can end up costing more the longer you wait.

There is good news, though! Silver Leaf Mortgage, Colorado’s #1 Reverse Mortgage Broker, can help with your home so your home can provide for you! Silver Leaf Mortgage, through an exclusive partnership with Forever Home Foundation, offers the Senior Home Repair Program, which has been life-changing for many seniors. This program offers a variety of options including no-interest and no-payment loans and grants up to $15,000 for needed home repairs or renovations.*

No other lender—local or national—will help you with home repairs, in turn allowing your home to provide for you.

Reverse Mortgages are safe, with over 1 million Americans embracing the benefits since the program began in the 1980s. This government program allows you to access the equity that has accrued in your home over the years, tax-free, without making a monthly mortgage payment.**

Call 720-458-4036 today to see if you qualify for up to $15,000 for your home repairs!

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* This is not a guarantee that you will receive a loan or grant. All loan and grant program decisions are made by the Foundation. Certain conditions apply. Silver Leaf Mortgage, Inc. and the Forever Home Foundation, and its programs, are independent organizations. Silver Leaf Mortgage Inc. does not guarantee that all clients will qualify, nor does it require that clients do a reverse mortgage loan. If interested, please call and apply.

** You are still responsible for homeowners insurance and property taxes.

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