Get up to $15,000 Upfront for Home Repairs

Get up to $15,000 Upfront for Home Repairs

Silver Leaf Mortgage, Colorado’s #1 Reverse Mortgage Broker, has helped hundreds of clients with home repairs over the past four years through charitable work and grants.

The senior home repair program has been life changing for many seniors. Silver Leaf Mortgage, through The Forever Home Foundation, offers seniors a variety of programs including no-interest-rate and no-payment loans and grants up to $15,000 for needed home repairs or renovations.*

This program separates Silver Leaf Mortgage from every other local and national lender who do not have relationships with similar Foundations to help you with home repairs. Without these repairs, many reverse mortgage applicants working with other lenders simply cannot qualify due to the condition of their home.

The Reverse Mortgage Program is safe and government insured. It is not a trick to take your home. Over 1 million Americans have embraced the benefits of a reverse mortgage. It is one of the only ways for seniors to access their housing wealth to get tax-free cash, or eliminate their current mortgage payment.

With the Holidays approaching, don’t wait! Call today to see if you qualify for up to $15,000 for your home repairs!

* This is not a guarantee that you will receive a loan or grant. All loan and grant program decisions are made by the Foundation. Certain conditions apply. Silver Leaf Mortgage, Inc. and The Forever Home Foundation, and its programs, are independent organizations. Silver Leaf Mortgage Inc. does not guarantee that all clients will qualify, nor does it require that clients do a reverse mortgage loan. Interested parties must call and apply to see if you qualify.

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