It’s Your Life, Know the True Facts

It’s Your Life, Know the True Facts

“I called to ask questions about accessing the equity in my home to help cover monthly expenses, but my son was against it. He doesn’t live with me or pay my bills, he just thought it was a bad idea. He spoke with my loan officer at Silver Leaf Mortgage, who was able to meet all of his objections. I am so glad I didn’t stop when my son said he didn’t like it!”

Well-meaning children, may prevent their parents from moving forward with a transaction that would truly benefit them. Don’t let misinformation about reverse mortgages stop you from getting the financial freedom you deserve. Speak with a Reverse Mortgage Specialist to get the facts you need to make an informed financial decision.

Objection #1: “Mom, the bank will own your home!” Actually, a reverse mortgage is just a loan and Mom never gives up the title to her home.

Objection #2: “But Dad, there will be no inheritance for us kids!” Children do not realize that the property can be left to any hiers. With new safeguards (including lower lending limits and reduced mortgage insurance costs), the loan balance grows more slowly, allowing the heirs to decide to refinance or sell the home and keep the remaining equity.

You have worked all of your life to provide for your families. Rather than struggling financially in retirement, unlock the equity in your home, access your tax-free money and enjoy the financially-secure life you have earned.

If you are ready to get the facts for yourself, call me or my team today at 720-458-4034.

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