Non-conforming Loans

A non-conforming home loan is simply a term used for home loans that don’t typically conform to the major banks’ standard loan criteria. Let Silver Leaf Mortgage find the right non-conforming loan to meet your financial goals!

Learn more about the different non-conforming options we have for you.

Bank Statement Loans

If you’re self-employed and your tax returns don’t necessarily reflect your true financial situation, let Silver Leaf Mortgage help you learn more about a bank statement loan.

Foreign National Loans

A Foreign National loan will help non-citizens buy investment property in the United States. Let Silver Leaf Mortgage educate you on this process and its benefits!

Asset Qualifier Loans

An Asset Qualifier Loan is for individuals with high net worth and assets but no income. Let Silver Leaf Mortgage find the perfect loan for your specific situation!

Non-warrantable Condos

A Non-warrantable Condo is a condo property that does not meet conventional loan requirements. Let Silver Leaf Mortgage navigate this specific loan program!

Lease Purchase Agreement

A Lease Purchase Agreement allows tenants  to purchase their current rental from their landlord at a later date. Contact Silver Leaf Mortgage to learn more!

Bankruptcy Home Loans

Just because you filed Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy doesn’t mean you can’t buy a house during that time. Let Silver Leaf Mortgage provide options with this process!

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