Taking Giant Innovative Leaps

Taking Giant Innovative Leaps

As our great state of Colorado takes small steps to reopen and get our lives back to normal, Silver Leaf Mortgages is taking giant innovative leaps. Leaps we believe are needed to ensure the health and safety of our clients while continuing to do business today and in the future.

Our goal is to get you the financial assistance you need. This is why Silver Leaf Mortgage has deployed our that includes two mobile workspaces, separated by a sealed glass wall. We will come to your home or any destination you choose to meet. You will have your own separate entrance to a 99.999% virus-free area in which to go over documents at our mobile “kitchen table.” Your loan officer will be on the other side of the glass wall and you will communicate via audio and visual. A copier and fax will be in your space for your use so you can provide supporting documents without difficulty. This allows us to prepare and close your loan with no human contact, keeping everyone safe from Covid-19 infection.

After each use, the Mobile Office Client Clean Room is disinfected with commercial-grade electrostatic foggers, the same type used in hospitals, to ensures a 99.999% virus-free environment.

We understand that the future of the housing market is uncertain. Some experts believe real estate values will remain strong while others believe values will drop during a period of COVID-19 economic recovery. Regardless, Silver Leaf Mortgage knows that for homeowners 62 and older the need for financial assistance has never been higher. And, we know the time to seek assistance and relief from a reverse mortgage is now.

Putting your house to work for you is one of the smartest and safest ways to get the financial security a person can have. The proceeds from a reverse mortgage are tax-free money that may be used in any way you choose. For some, it’s the instant lifesaving help you need today. For others, it’s the safety net for your future or the unplanned life events like medical emergencies that may arise. Or, even if you believe you are financially set, you can simply put that money into a line of credit, earn interest, and enjoy having an additional nest egg for the future.

Whatever your situation, a reverse mortgage is an absolute beneficial tool.

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Jim Doyle, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, NMLS #335659. Jim is the VP of Lending and Reverse Mortgage Specialist at Silver Leaf Mortgage in Centennial, CO. Direct: 720-458-4053 JimDoyle@SilverLeafMortgages.com, NMLS# 1394377.

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