What Is the Difference Between a Mortgage Lender and a Mortgage Broker?

What Is the Difference Between a Mortgage Lender and a Mortgage Broker?

Whether you are buying a home for the first time or you have gone through the process before, it is in your best interest to understand the difference between a Denver mortgage broker and a Denver mortgage lender. Securing a mortgage for your new home or property can be a little stressful. Your finances must be up to par, your credit needs to be good, and you need to decide which loan is best for you in the long term.

In general, a mortgage broker is an intermediary party that helps you find the best lender based on your situation and then matches your situation to the best available loan suited to your needs. Your Denver broker will help you gather all of the necessary information that is required for your mortgage application.

On the other hand, a mortgage lender is just what the title implies. Your Denver lender is a financial institution that provides the funds at closing.

Silver Leaf Mortgage completely understands how tricky this process can be to navigate, even if you’ve purchased a home in the past. Read on to learn answers to your questions such as:

  • Is it better to use a mortgage broker?
  • Can mortgage brokers get you more money?
  • Do I have to pay a mortgage broker? What are their fees?
  • Why would you want to use a mortgage lender or bank?
  • What are the fees associated with a bank or direct lender?

Denver Mortgage Brokers

While the Internet is a wonderful tool available at your disposal, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of information you find. It wouldn’t be surprising if you started getting confused with everything you are reading. Or, worse, you may come across information that is inaccurate.

mortgage broker is a good support tool to have because they help you comparison-shop for your mortgage by providing you with multiple rates and options for your mortgage and find the best loan suited to your needs.

Is it better to use a mortgage broker?

Before additional regulations were put into place, mortgage brokers could persuade borrowers to borrow too much or go with high risk loans to inflate their commission. Now, borrowers are protected from such possibilities.

Your Denver mortgage broker can be a better choice than a Denver mortgage lender if you need additional assistance going through the mortgage process. Also, Denver mortgage lenders often only provide captive loan products offered through their particular company which may not be the best solution for you as the home buyer. First time home buyers typically benefit from mortgage brokers because they can find more accurate information than what is available online.

The best mortgage brokers in Denver can help you identify which lenders offer the best mortgage for your needs. They can also let you know which applications to avoid that are not in your best interest. The best mortgage brokers will bring you a variety of quotes and loans for you to review before you make your decision.

Can mortgage brokers get you more money?

While Denver mortgage brokers cannot guarantee they will get you more money, they can help you identify the most optimal loans to apply for because of their industry knowledge. Many brokers work with specific Denver mortgage lenders, so they know which loans you qualify for and which ones are the best for your unique situation.

Do I have to pay a mortgage broker? What are their fees?

Mortgage brokers in Denver are paid by a fee that is determined by the mortgage amount. Who pays the fee varies from mortgage to mortgage. Depending on where you get your mortgage loan from, mortgage lenders in Denver may or may not cover the fee for you.

Mortgage brokers have the option to work with a variety of mortgage lenders. This can influence their decisions if they are seeking higher pay outs for their work on your mortgage. Be sure to read reviews and ask questions. Or, you can simply turn to the experts at Silver Leaf Mortgage to ensure you are receiving the best, most fair loans available in the Denver real estate market.

Direct Denver Mortgage Lenders

Financial institutions and banks that offer mortgages as direct lenders in Denver can provide financing for your new home purchase as well.. You should be able to find out quite a bit of information online about rates. However, to determine if you qualify, it’s best to go into a local Denver lender’s office and sit down with someone to discuss your options. It’s important to note that direct mortgage lenders may only offer limited solutions and they may not meet your specific needs or requirements.

What are the fees associated with a bank or direct lender?

Your Denver direct lender or bank may charge you fees for your mortgage loan. Since each financial institution is different, be sure to ask these questions during the application process. You should expect an origination fee. Other fees may occur. If you don’t ask ahead of time, you could be surprised when you receive your actual disclosure documents for signature

What is your best option for mortgages?

While going to a direct lender may seem like a good option, Silver Leaf Mortgage is the best Denver mortgage broker to turn to when you are in need of a mortgage loan. Unlike your average brokers and lenders, Silver Leaf Mortgage goes above and beyond for every client that walks through their doors.

If you want more options than those offered by direct lenders or other mortgage brokers, Silver Leaf Mortgage is your answer. Having earned the title of #1 Reverse Mortgage broker in Denver and throughout Colorado, along with the Top 30 Mortgage Brokers nationwide, you can rest assured your mortgage will be the absolute best option to meet your needs and feature the best rates. Silver Leaf Mortgage even assists clients with repairs to ensure their homes receive the highest appraisal possible. They are the only broker in the entire industry to do so!

Key Takeaways Concerning Mortgage Brokers vs Mortgage Lenders

It’s important to consider both Denver mortgage brokers and Denver lenders before making any decisions. The mortgage process is already difficult enough without having to deal with poor lenders or brokers. You need to make informed decisions to ensure you are doing the best thing for you and your unique situation.

Consider the following key points discussed:

  • The best Denver mortgage brokers will inform you which lender is your best option for your mortgage loan. They will also assist you with the application process.
  • Mortgage brokers will help you avoid contacting a variety of banks and financial institutions. They may be partial to certain mortgage lenders.
  • Direct lenders decide if you qualify for a mortgage loan.
  • The best Denver mortgage lender for you is likely the bank where you have a good relationship and good financial standing.

Pros & Cons of Denver Mortgage Brokers

Below is a quick summary of the pros and cons of turning to a mortgage broker for your loan:


  • Mortgage Brokers have relationships with multiple lenders. This often results in the broker having more options regarding product selections, rates and fees as well as faster service levels and underwriting approaches.
  • Denver mortgage brokers can help those with bad credit find loans.
  • The best Denver mortgage broker has industry knowledge you cannot find online.
  • Most Denver brokers have small companies and/or offices, so it’s much easier to get in touch with brokers than direct lender loan offices.
  • It’s easier to have face to face meetings with mortgage brokers than mortgage lenders. 


  • It’s possible that certain mortgage brokers will charge higher fees than a direct lender.
  • Some mortgage brokers are in the business of working toward their own interests, so they may not get you the best deal.

Pros & Cons of Denver Mortgage Lenders

Read on for a summary of pros and cons of mortgage lenders:


  • Since you are working directly with the bank or financial institution, you may save on fees that a mortgage broker may charge to facilitate the loan.
  • Working directly with a mortgage lender ensures you can speak directly to the lender.


  • Mortgage lenders do not provide much flexibility. If you do not meet the requirements, you must start the whole process over with another lender.
  • Direct lenders are not in the business of saving you money on your long-term loan. You may not receive the lowest rates possible.
  • Inexperienced officers may be working on your mortgage. Licensing is not required for loan officers representing banks and some other financial institutions.
  • You are limited to the mortgage options available at the particular direct lender you choose.
  • Remember, you do not have to jump into any decision when it comes to your mortgage loan. In fact, it is in your best interest to call different Denver brokers and Denver lenders to compare their rates and see which option is best for you. However, if you want the best Denver mortgage broker working on your behalf, the answer is simple — contact Silver Leaf Mortgage today!

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