Your Financial Assistance

Your Financial Assistance

Are you a homeowner 62 or older? Have you ever found yourself having to choose between buying food or medicine? How about having to put off a medical or dental procedure due to limited funds? If you have been faced with having to make a tough financial decision of any kind, a reverse mortgage may be just what you need. 

Did you know the proceeds from a reverse mortgage are tax-free money that may be used in any way you choose? For some it’s the instant, lifesaving help needed today. For others, it’s the safety net for your future or the unplanned life events like medical emergencies that may arise. 

Qualifying for a reverse mortgage, it’s simple and easy. Qualification is based on these important factors: 

• You (the borrower) must own the home. 

• You must be 62+. (A non-borrowing spouse may be under 62.) 

• The home must be your primary residence (you live there at least six months and one day per year). 

Even if you have bad credit, have had a bankruptcy, or a foreclosure, you are not disqualified. In most cases there is a remedy for past credit problems. So, don’t think you can’t get the help you need. 

Let us help you navigate these difficult financial times, call your local experts at Silver Leaf Mortgage today to see if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you. 

Silver Leaf Mortgage, Colorado’s #1 Reverse Mortgage Broker. 

Matt Witt, NMLS #1638881, President at Silver Leaf Mortgage in Centennial. 

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